WIBISCO wins big at NISE award ceremony

The Challenge
In 2014, NISE launched their “100 Improvements in 100 Days Challenge” under the theme ‘Moving Barbados Forward’. The contest attracted employees in 51 public and private sector organisations and over 5,000 individuals, churches and community groups and encouraged them to adopt new attitudes, habits and approaches to goal-setting, problem solving and continuous improvement.


The results
Having successfully submitted 2504 improvements for the challenge, WIBISCO was adjudged the overall winner in the large business category. Their wins included awards in the following categories:


The Prime Minister’s Award for the Most Improved Organisation

Presented to the organisation which generated and implemented the most improvements from the highest percentage of employees, and where these improvements were proven to have the highest measureable impact on its performance in the key improvement areas.


The Customer Service Award Acknowledged the completion of over 20% improvement in this area and provided a demonstrable impact on the external and/or internal customer.


The Productivity Award
Achieved with the completion of more than 30% improvements in this area, with demonstrable impact in process improvement, productivity, safety, waste reduction and cost reduction.


The Environmental Responsibility Award

Achieving more than 20% improvement in this area, and demonstrating the collective impact on employee knowledge and perception in the areas of: recycling, reduction in the use of paper, plastic, energy and water usage as well as the encouragement of a car pooling system.



The Champion’s Award – Private
Sector Winner:
Lisa Ifill

Lisa was honoured for her enthusiasm, resourcefulness and energy as one of the 100 Improvement Champions. Her performances during the challenge period were evaluated over the 100 days in the following areas:

  • Creativity of the challenge launch within

his/her organisation.

  • The effectiveness of communications to employees, including their visual impact.
  • Sustaining challenge momentum among


  • Managing internal employee recognition.
  • Maximising organisational challenge

participation rate.


The Minister of Labour’s Award for The Most Valuable Individual: Laina Jacob
Laina was adjudged the individual employee who went beyond the call of duty to implement one or more improvements redounding to the greatest benefit to their organisations, their communities and themselves.



“WIBISCO is a shining example of the creative and innovative spirit in Barbados, the power of team work and strong employee engagement. NISE has always been at the forefront of innovation in Barbados with the introduction of Barbados’ first empirical benchmark for employee engagement and customer satisfaction as well as the highly anticipated NISE 100 Improvements in 100 Days programme. We stand proud of the amazing accomplishments proving, as I have always passionately believed, that we as a nation are powerful beyond measure, we are small but mighty!”

– Kim Tudor, CEO, NISE


I dedicate this win to the WIBISCO staff, as none of this success could have been achieved without you getting involved.”

– Adrian Padmore, General Manager, WIBISCO

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