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Based in Barbados, the West India Biscuit Company Limited (WIBISCO) is one of the oldest established commercial bakeries in the Caribbean. With a long history of producing quality baked biscuits and dedication to the consumers who enjoy their products, WIBISCO has grown into one of the Caribbean’s most dynamic and successful companies.


Biscuit baking started in Barbados as far back in 1850, when a small bakery, The Barbados Biscuit Company, was established by John Hoad & Company, on Lower Broad Street, Bridgetown, The City, using limited mechanical equipment. In 1910, Weiting & Richter established the West India Biscuit Company Limited (WIBISCO) located at Spry Street, Bridgetown.

In spite of limitations, steady progress took place in both factories. By 1945, towards the end of World War II, the demand for quality biscuits outstripped the supply produced by these two biscuits companies.

Sir Kenneth Russell Hunte purchased the Barbados Biscuit Company Limited and soon afterwards entered into negotiations with WIBISCO to merge the two companies, which then took the latter’s name.

Operations were relocated to the present location at Gills Road when the property was acquired in 1951. The factory was converted into a highly mechanised plant; efficient, modern and capable of producing large quantities of crackers. Sweet biscuits were soon added to the range of products maintaining the excellent quality for which WIBISCO was renowned. Shirley (The Caribbean Classic) and Marie were among the first biscuits to be manufactured.

In 1996, the Barbados Shipping and Trading (BS&T) sold its 30 per cent stake in WIBISCO to the Bermudez Biscuit Group of Trinidad, which had always maintained close ties with WIBISCO, at one time jointly owing companies in Guyana and Antigua.

Today, WIBISCO is part of the Bermudez Group of Companies, which comprises the Bermudez Biscuit Company Limited, Holiday Snacks Limited, Kiss Baking and Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited. With a modern plant and approximately 300 employees WIBISCO has evolved into world class operation.

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